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A successful construction project starts with the preparation of comprehensive budgets, schedules and specifications. Then, after the project has broken ground, our diligent administration and leadership provide support for Kenmark’s craftspeople in the field.

Kenmark Construction maximizes the efficiency of its on-site project teams by demanding well-organized and highly detailed documentation and communication. A project team consists of experienced construction professionals and skilled craftspeople, directed by team leaders with legal, financial, and management backgrounds who control the contractual, fiscal, and regulatory aspects of the project.

On-time, on-budget performance with high quality results is the hallmark of our general construction services. Kenmark’s field professionals meet with our clients and customers throughout the transition from punch list to occupancy, responding promptly to buyer, owner and tenant requests.

Services include:

  • Design-process coordination
  • Subcontractor qualification and selection
  • Budget and value engineering
  • Schedule management
  • Cost control
  • Contract documentation and administration
  • Permit and inspection coordination


Kenmark’s partners and clients benefit from our vast experience and in-depth knowledge. Our ability to assess an opportunity’s risks and benefits informs our process, enabling our team to deliver exceptional results.

Leveraging all of Kenmark’s services, Kenmark Real Estate Group builds and supports relationships with private investors, pension funds, and existing landowners, guiding them through the development process from site acquisition, due diligence, design, entitlements and finance, to construction.

Kenmark’s professionals are well-versed in political, environmental, and governmental regulatory issues, enabling us to structure successful partnerships to get projects approved and built.

Services include:

  • Development services: design, financial, and construction
  • Project entitlement processing
  • Political, environmental, and regulatory management


Our building and facility managers deliver an improved tenant experience, which increases retention and occupancy levels, whilst decreasing operating expenses. Integral to this service is optimization of each building’s performance, which we do through state-of-the-art systems monitoring.

Central to Kenmark management service is our Building Operations Center (BOC). This web application, developed over several years by Kenmark Controls, enables owners, managers, and even tenants, to access, track and respond to tailored building information, 24/7.

Kenmark also provides expert transaction management services. Working with corporations, building owners, investors, and our partners, Kenmark manages the financial and contractual complexities of site evaluation, finance, management and marketing.

Services include:

  • Property management
  • Corporate facility management
  • Acquisitions, dispositions, and lease negotiations
  • Financial management
  • BOC technology support

Golf Course Management

Kenmark Golf Management is selective about its golf management properties and delivers on its brand and management promise. Whether your golf facility is stabilized but needs a plan for growth, or is considered a troubled asset, Kenmark Golf Management provides our partners and clients with:

  • Business planning and strategic assessment of operational conditions
  • Innovative marketing and public relations strategies
  • Operating expense controls
  • Sensitive environmental stewardship


Successful sales and marketing campaigns come from knowing your market. Kenmark has extensive experience with the residential sales and marketing process. We conduct in-depth research into consumer buying habits, sales comparables and buyer demographics.

With this information, our expert team crafts a brand identity and overall image for the project — whether it’s an individual development or community of residential homes. Implementing design at this level ensures that the property is differentiated in the marketplace.

Based on a business plan that addresses timeframe, stakeholders’ goals, and budget, we then produce marketing materials, advertising and public relations campaigns. Budgets and schedules are tightly managed, and marketing deliverables are evaluated over time to ensure that they reflect market needs.

Our sales executives operate from an on-site and well-appointed marketing center. These same professionals then handle the sales transactions, one-on-one. They have a thorough understanding of the regulatory and contractual obligations of the purchase agreement and escrow documentation processes.

Services include:

  • Market research
  • Branding and advertising
  • Marketing planning, budgeting and implementation
  • On-site sales and upgrade management
  • DRE contractual compliance
  • Escrow management


Kenmark’s Building Operations Center (BOC) is an exclusive service and web application that provides up-to-the-minute, tailored building data and reports for building owners and managers, and improves the work experience for tenants.

Our certified LONWORKS© I.T. professionals monitor and control critical building systems 24/7, for both single and multiple buildings — HVAC, lighting, security, audio/visual, fire protection, irrigation and other building control devices. Managers can monitor and control building performance on-site or remotely.

The BOC interface is customized for each client and user type. A tenant can send a Request for Service (RFS), check the date of upcoming lobby maintenance, and find a local café for lunch. A building owner can remotely review a monthly report or look at a response to the latest RFS.

The overall benefits of the BOC are optimized building performance, cost control, quality of service and improved tenant experience.

Services include:

  • Building automation controls review
  • Internet-driven portfolio monitoring and management
  • Energy conservation measures
  • Security and alarm management