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Kenmark’s process begins with our commitment to maintaining the relationships we have with our clients and partners. Our consultative approach enables us to understand individual perspectives, and to establish a highly tailored set of goals and objectives that meets their needs.

We utilize an interactive process to establish these goals and objectives and a problem-seeking approach that allows us to uncover any unforeseen obstacles that can inhibit a decision-making process. We view this process as a vehicle for gaining consensus. We are facilitators and senior-level executives that can communicate effectively with senior management and sophisticated investors/partners. Understanding the risks, asking the right questions, and reviewing the existing documentation ensures that we will obtain all of the information required to support informed, intelligent real estate decision-making.


We undertake detailed analysis to support strategic scenario development for the decision-making process. We then deliver quantitative comparisons and performance benchmarks to validate our analysis.

Recognizing that the best results are measured qualitatively and quantitatively for individual client needs, the Kenmark professionals understand the critical need for detailed analysis to support real estate decisions, especially for projects of great magnitude. We are skilled analysts, researchers, and fact finders. We conduct market research and collect relevant data to match strategies to realistic market expectations.



At the core of Kenmark’s powerful perspective on real estate is delivery of results that meet and exceed expectations.

We leverage our inter-disciplinary skill sets to ensure all facets of the real estate process are successfully addressed. Our proven technique of discovery, analysis, planning, resource allocation, and delivery of creative solutions fosters long-term business relationships.

Once a project has been developed, our professionals monitor and support our operations and management through Kenmark’s Building Operations Center. Through our internally developed BOC, we monitor and support an increasing number of the facilities that we have built, acquired, networked or manage.