Kenmark’s Building Operations Center (BOC) is an exclusive service and web application that provides up-to-the-minute, tailored building data and reports for building owners and managers, and improves the work experience for tenants.

Our certified LONWORKS© I.T. professionals monitor and control critical building systems 24/7, for both single and multiple buildings — HVAC, lighting, security, audio/visual, fire protection, irrigation and other building control devices. Managers can monitor and control building performance on-site or remotely.

The BOC interface is customized for each client and user type. A tenant can send a Request for Service (RFS), check the date of upcoming lobby maintenance, and find a local café for lunch. A building owner can remotely review a monthly report or look at a response to the latest RFS.

The overall benefits of the BOC are optimized building performance, cost control, quality of service and improved tenant experience.

Services include:

  • Building automation controls review
  • Internet-driven portfolio monitoring and management
  • Energy conservation measures
  • Security and alarm management